The Communication and Spoon Board

Note: spoons in this context refer to energy available to use in a given day. I am very fond of what’s called the spoon theory, and I use it often to help describe how I’m feeling.

In the beginning of college, I developed something I called the ‘Spoons Board.’

As my roommate and I were both autistic, we knew we had to come up with something to make things easier. Living with other people (even your best friends) is hard, whether neurotypical or not. To help with our communication and gauge energy levels (spoons), this board was often used.

This allowed us a central station to leave notes, check each other’s schedules, and understand how the other person is feeling that day.

As I have difficulty with reading emotions, this was a really big thing for me. Dealing with chronic illnesses: energy is even more a factor for us.

Underneath was my communication board, something we would use when either of us went non-verbal or when I was having trouble with my hearing (I’m actually deaf in one ear).

I didn’t really have much planned for the post; I just wanted to share something that I found to be an incredibly useful tool!

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