For Parents

If you’re a parent, I also highly recommend you check out the Newly Diagnosed?, favorite blogs list, advocacy sites, and info sheets/created resources pages too!

Information and Parenting

IEP Help

Here’s my Beginner’s Guide to the IEP post! It also includes a sample IEP that I made, along with an overview of the critical parts of an Individualized Education Program. Make sure to scroll to the bottom for a very long list of extra resources as well.

  • TN STEP; this website has a lot of great information on navigating the special education setting. While based in Tennessee, the information is helpful for other states as well.

Meltdowns and Emotional Regulation

I posted much more in-depth regarding meltdowns on my Managing and Preventing Meltdowns post, as I presented on it in a conference last year. It also has some printables and visuals you can use as well!

Here are some great resources in addition to the post:

Financial and Services Supports