My name is Courtney, and I’m an autistic adult trying to navigate life as independently as possible. I have experience in both being on the spectrum, as well as raising my younger brother before I left for university. I am engaged to my best friend, who is also autistic.
I also have several disabilities and chronic illnesses that require me to use a cane/wheelchair.

Currently, I’m attempting my Bachelors of Science degree in Sociology with a minor in Special Education. At my university, I founded and am currently President of our Neurodiversity Club – and am also President of Delta Alpha Pi, an honors society for students with disabilities.

My past experience includes being the volunteer Teen and Adult Social Scene Coordinator for the local Autism Society’s community center. I also led workshops and presentations on autism and related topics. Currently, I occasionally facilitate events with Tri-Cities Autism Social Club that I created in early summer 2018. I do some public speaking and try to help provide other autistic people and their families with resources and advice. When I’m not busy with classes, organizations, or doctor appointments, I’m usually napping with my cat.

I created this blog to simply gather and organize my thoughts, as I like having a resource to refer back to when needed.