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Executive Functioning and Independent Living

This past Saturday, I presented at the 2nd Annual Southeast Adult Autism Symposium! It was a very fun experience, and I met lots of interesting people. As always, I try to upload the presentation information online. I know it's difficult for some people to attend these events, whether it's due to cost, distance, or other … Continue reading Executive Functioning and Independent Living

When You’re Afraid of Autism Awareness Month

Content note: this post may be upsetting for some, especially for my fellow autistics who also are anxious about April.  And of course, April is 'Autism Awareness Month.' I'm already cringing inside. The urge to burrow underneath my weighted blanket until May is honestly very tempting. You might've gathered it from my last post, but … Continue reading When You’re Afraid of Autism Awareness Month

Autism Speaks: We’re not listening to you.

I imagined I'd make an eventual post on my disdain for Autism Speaks eventually. While all the chants of "Light it up blue" and puzzle pieces surround us as April approaches, I'm already covering my ears. Surely by now, people are aware of the horrid things Autism Speaks is responsible for. Right? ...apparently not. If … Continue reading Autism Speaks: We’re not listening to you.

An Open Letter to Parents and Caregivers

To the parents of kids with disabilities: Take it easy. Take a breath. Be gentle on yourselves. More importantly, be gentle on your kiddos. Parenting is difficult, no matter how typical your child is (or isn't). It's tough, especially when you have to worry about things that other parents don't. Those late nights where no … Continue reading An Open Letter to Parents and Caregivers

The Case for Identity-first

[Note: this post is specifically in regard to the autism community. As an aside, the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community also prefers identity-first. However, many other disability communities still prefer person-first. Remember that some people on the spectrum may actually prefer person-first, and it's always nice to ask. However, general consensus in the autism community is … Continue reading The Case for Identity-first