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Flower Communion

Earlier this month, my caregiver and I went to a local friend’s Unitarian Universalist church - where we were able to participate in their yearly tradition of the flower communion.During the ceremony, everyone brings a flower and places it in a basket or vase. After a small reflection, everyone returns to receive a flower different … Continue reading Flower Communion

Acceptance and Actions

The past few years, I've always tried to put a lot of effort into educational/informational posts during April. As always, it gets exhausting. There are so much negativity around autism. Society paints our existence as a tragedy- portrayed as something to be feared, focusing only on the difficult things. Is being autistic difficult?Yes, it is … Continue reading Acceptance and Actions

The Sloth

One of my favorite things is stuffed animals and plushies. Squishmallows, teddy bears, and even pillow pets - if it’s soft and cuddly, I will love it. Anytime we go to the store, I’m immediately drawn to the soft texture of any stuffed animal I see - which gives me a sense of calm in … Continue reading The Sloth