Positive Thinking

I’m currently preparing for my session at an Autism conference, and my anxiety levels are through the roof. I’m covering how to best manage/prevent meltdowns, and ironically, I feel close to having one myself.

My last few posts have also been a bit serious, especially with it being Autism Acceptance Month and finals coming up soon. I’ve been busy between assignments, programs, and everything else. The end of the semester is always the hardest for me.

Also: after my presentation, I will post the PowerPoint and printables made – in case anyone needs it.

To make things a little less stressful, I present to you – cat pictures.

A tabby cat asleep on a cat tree.


Is this post an excuse to post cat pictures?


Does it make me feel better?

Leia waiting in her crate after a vet visit.


Leia asleep on the bed.




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