Author: Courtney

What to Expect in Medical Emergencies and First Aid: An Overview

Important note: The PowerPoint presentation I am posting is not mine. However, I was given permission to post it by the President of the organization (thank you Caroline!), as they thought it would be beneficial to share. Helpful post time! Our Neurodiversity Club partnered with the university's student emergency medicine and response organization (EM/ERGE). They … Continue reading What to Expect in Medical Emergencies and First Aid: An Overview


Content note for filicide and violence against people with disabilities. If I have to read about one more parent who says that they wish their child was dead, I will scream. Straight up, I have read "I wish I could kill my child" and "I would rather my kid just be dead already than have … Continue reading Anger

In Memory

Content note for child death. This is a hard one.  I haven't been active on here for a while. Classes have been long, my health has been acting up, but something else has made it even harder. I've mentioned before about my brothers. My eleven year old hobbit, and my seven year old cabbage. Both … Continue reading In Memory

Executive Functioning and Independent Living

This past Saturday, I presented at the 2nd Annual Southeast Adult Autism Symposium! It was a very fun experience, and I met lots of interesting people. As always, I try to upload the presentation information online. I know it's difficult for some people to attend these events, whether it's due to cost, distance, or other … Continue reading Executive Functioning and Independent Living