Info Sheets and Created Resources

A List of Created Documents

Visual Schedules

These are some simple visual schedule sheets. I uploaded the Microsoft Word versions so that you can edit them as needed, putting in what pictures or colors you prefer.

Basic Visual Schedule Sheet

Visual Schedule – Detailed Daily Routine




Workshops and Projects

Stim Toys and Fidgets Workshop – This is a condensed version of my post used to explain stimming and what can be used, as well as resources to help find things.

Mock IEP Project – This is from my Beginner’s Guide to the IEP post. It’s an IEP I wrote from scratch for an assignment. It’s not perfect, but it might be helpful as a representation of what the document looks like.


From My Managing and Preventing Meltdowns Presentation:

Managing and Preventing Meltdowns PowerPoint

Free printables I made:

From My Organization and Planning: Practical Strategies for Independent Living Presentation:

Organization and Planning – Practical Strategies for Independent Living PowerPoint


Resources on the Case for Identity-First – A list of resources used to argue for identity-first language in the Autistic community.  (If you have any more that I can add, let me know!)


Outside Informational Sheets and Presentations

These are documents and resources not created by me, but are super helpful.


From the Emergency Medicine Post

Medical Emergencies: A Practical Guide PowerPoint
I was granted permission by the wonderful ETSU EM/ERGE group that created this PowerPoint to share it here. This belongs to them, not me. For any additional questions or inquiries, please contact!


Fact sheets from Autism Acceptance Month